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Howard Bacon Troubleshooting - Assignment 4 1) What are the questions you need to ask and the concerns you need to address before you perform a memory upgrade on a specific machine? Where can you get the infomation you need? a) To upgrade menory on a specific system board is to consult the manual of the system board that is supplied by the maker of the system board. The supplied manual will supply all needed infomation required …

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…mb) 1 x 36 = 1 x (36/8) = 1 x 4 = 4 megbyte (4mb memory) Type of memory is Fast-Page Parity 70 ns, 72 pin See attached catalog copy of fast page 30 pin SIMM 2) 8x72-100 ECC (64mb) 64 megbyte memory using ECC (Error correcting codes) speed is 100 mhz. Type of memory is PC100 ECC SDRAM at 100 mhz speed. See attached web page print out on PC-100 SDRAM layout. Bibliography A+ Managing and Maintaining Your PC Third edition jean Andrews, Ph. D. ISBM 0-619-00038-4