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Amber Hughes History 301 Dr. Lassiter November 16, 1999 Equal Responsibility for All: An In-depth Look at Four Prison Camps during WWII Over six million people were either worked to death or murdered in cold blood inside German concentration camps during World War II. This number includes both Jews and non-Jews who died inside the camps, but does not count the many people who were executed in the towns and ghettos. Almost the entire Jewish population of Eastern …

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…equally responsible for the massive genocide that occurred during this war, but the world as a whole is to blame. Certainly, we shall never understand either the dehumanized cruelty of the executioner or the human gentleness of his victims. Yet here it is not a question of understanding, but of knowing. To confess our incomprehension is a sign of humility; to refuse to learn the facts is proof of arrogance. And of indifference (Wiesel X).