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Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 in Amherst Massachusetts. She had a younger sister named Lavina and an older brother named Austin. Her mother Emily Norcross Dickinson, was largely dependent on her family and was seen by Emily as a poor mother. Her father was lawyer, Congressman, and the Treasurer for Amherst College. Unlike her mother, Emily loved and admired her father. Since the family was not emotional, they lived a quiet secure life. They …

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…of her life in isolation, she also is admired for her style in writing. She chose her words for her poems in a way that allows the reader to choose the meaning. In conclusion, she wrote nearly eighteen hundred poems, most ignoring rhyme and punctuation. Emily’s poems did not have titles because she never wanted them to be published. Many of her poems are dark and mysterious but all are true works of art.