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elizabeth Barrett Browning Nearly all Victorians wrote profusely and had little regard for the eighteen-century ideals of terseness and epigrammatic style. Both poets and prose writers were aware of the taste for propaganda in its various forms. The Victorian period produced poets with technical finesse. The tone and manner of much of Victorian poetry is that of the pulpit. The poetry depends on impressiveness of manner and tone for its effect. Elizabeth Moulton- Barrett Browning …

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…Wolfe. With the exception of The Sonnets From The Portuguese and some individual shorter poems lie The musical Instrument, Elizabeth Barret Browning s poetry suffers from occasional carelessness of rhythm and rhyme and her poetic output in consequence is not at all of equal literary importance. Her sincerity, her sensitivity to social injustice and affection for the beauty of nature raise her best creations to a high place in the history of poetry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**