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Scientific researchers at a U.S. military research institute have come a step closer to creating a therapy for the deadly Ebola virus but are a long way from development of a treatment for humans, a study published in Friday's issue of the journal Science said. ``These results suggest that it is possible to elicit by vaccination, or produce for therapeutic use, antibodies protective against all Ebola viruses that are pathogenic for humans,'' the …

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…closer to finding cures for Ebola and other illnesses. During the 1970ís and the 80ís, we were finding cures for many different things, but in the 90ís we seem to have slowed down. We havenít found as many cures for things lately, but because of gene mapping we will hopefully cure AIDS, cancer, and other sicknesses that may cause death. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** i am a special guy from the bronx and i like cheese.