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eating gilbert grape - response Topic 1: "I want to be a good person," says Gilbert. Does the film suggest that he achieves this? At various times during the film, the dialogue and actions expressed by Gilbert and other characters, convince the audience that he wants to be a good person. The film puts together the whole image of Gilbert like a jigsaw, piece by piece, scene by scene. During the film, Becky has asked Gilbert …

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…of the jigsaw, the final scene that convinces the audience he wants to be, and is a good person. She tells him "You're my knight in shimmering armor..shimmering you glow," and this is likened to the recognized expression 'knight in shining armor', a savior, a saint, a helper. Mama Grape has confirmed the ideal Gilbert as a knight, someone who dutifully carries out jobs and looks after those who need to be looked after.