dyslexia my adversity

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Dyslexia My Adversity When some people hear the word dyslexia, they think of reading, writing, spelling, and math problems. Some associate it with word and letter reversals, and others only think slow learners. Almost everyone considers it some from of a learning disability, but the learning disability is only one face of dyslexia. The dyslexic learns in a different way. It can also be an advantage; ninety-nine percent of dyslexics have higher intelligent quotations. I …

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…knowing about dyslexia is an adversity, having them understand what dyslexia is about, and knowing my style of learning is very helpful. It can be a real problem when I have a new teacher, who does not know about dyslexia. They should not judge on my special education files, but on my abilities. Leaning what dyslexia is helps teacher understand me. Having a teacher understand my style of learning helps me get a better education.