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A DOLL'S HOUSE: ACT TWO Christmas Eve has turned into Christmas Day. After the presents and excitement, the symbolic tree has been stripped and the candles are burned out. For everyone else, the waiting is over, but for Nora it's just beginning. In the first act, Torvald called her a squirrel and a bird; now she paces like an animal that's newly aware of its cage. She's trying to convince herself that Krogstad won't carry …

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…Torvald himself asks her if she'll return, she replies that it would take the "greatest miracle" to make it a "true marriage." Using only the play as evidence, try to answer the question yourself. How would you defend both sides? Consider the following questions as you gather evidence. Can Torvald transform himself? Could Nora love him again even if he changed? Would Nora's love for her children override other factors? Would Torvald take her back?