discuss how art can be used to promote, reflect or challenge cultural beliefs

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Discuss how art can be used to reflect, promote, or challenge cultural beliefs. Art, throughout the times have reflected, promoted and challenged the cultural beliefs of many different societies. To reflect a culture or society the artwork must create or suggest a particular impression of that era. To promote the cultural beliefs of a society the artwork must encourage and support the beliefs. For the artwork to challenge the beliefs it must question tradition. Gislebertus …

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…expressions of faith. Serrano challenges and reflects the diminishing influence the church has on society today by condemning the condemned. In conclusion, art has had a major influence on reflecting, promoting or challenging traditional cultural beliefs over many different eras. This trend will continue over the years as society changes and artists like Gislebertus, Michelangelo, Kruger and Serrano will force society to look at there culture in a more detail and question there own beliefs.