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Depression: Imagine living with the most common and most painful mental illness (Blackman 89). You wouldn't be able to do your work or get along with anyone. This disease is depression; this paper will discuss facts about depression, signs and symptoms, different types, medication and therapy. Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness, despair and discouragement that last over a long period of time (Salmans 171). Depression affects a person's mood, thoughts, body, and behavior (Lytle). A …

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…is feeling blue and down in the dumps for a long time it could be the most common mental illness, depression that is causing this horrible feeling. Bibliography Bibliography Blackman, Maurice. You Asked about Adolescent Depression. Available at Hales, Dianne. Depression. Chelsea House Publishers, New York, Philadelphia, 1989. Kist, Jay. "Dealing with Depression" Current Health 2 Jan.1997 25-28 Lytle, Victoria. The dark clouds of Depression. NEA Today Dec.1994