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ENGLISH DOCUMENTRY ASSIGNMENT Proposed topic: How the World is changing due to the effects caused by Global Warming The reason for this topic is our increasingly changing climate. Every year our climate continually is changing and becoming warmer. However it's becoming more and more difficult to change our polluting ways. Though this documentary I'd like to get the publics attention about our ever-changing climate. For this topic I would like to have a god like …

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…Research on this subject is very extensive and information on it is easy to find. For instance just look at the winter that has just passed for evidence. Several questions to be answered from this documentary would be; 1. What changes are to be expected in the future? 2. What consequences of these changes can we expect? 3. What solutions are there? I'd use an upbeat, original, and futuristic style. By incorporating wide angle shots, and futuristic settings.