dantes inferno

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Dante the Pilgrim was once a spiritual and holy man, but as of recently he had felt less than holy. Yet, he still wants to remain spiritual. To do this, Dante must recognize the true nature of his sin(s), renounce them, and pay penance for them by travelling though the nine levels of hell. Dante the Author constructs several perspectives in the poem starting here. The light and dark imagery that will become repetitive …

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…who are violent against God, either by cursing Godís name or by despising Nature and Godís bounty. This canto was interesting in that it didnít contain a catagory for mentally violent people, pople who hurt someone with words, not actions. Canto XVIII The travelers descend father into the Ninth Circle, or Cocytus. The landscape here is a lake of ice that is "more like a sheet of glass than frozen water" (ln 23).