damnation of theron ware

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The real issues in the damnation of Theron ware are not issues of religion, but rather cultural issues. Although the book is outwardly a novel about religion, the question becomes not whether god exists, but how we should live. Theron becomes damned in the novel because of what he is. Theron cannot be anymore than what he is, a simple Methodist minister, yet when he is shown another way of life, he wants to enter. …

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…to washington. It is alice the recognizes the finality of the move. It is she who says that she will have to amuse herself if seattle if theron comes back east, full knowing that he cannot stay there. Despite the fact that seattle represents a place of no return, it represents the chance for theron to remain alive and sane. And perhaps alice will be able to wear roses in her bonnet there, as well.