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I wuz goin to da markit ta pik up sum food, when I said "yo G, wus up wit you." He got pot an dope all ova ‘is coat, he got unuf *censored* ta fill up a boat. He took out a joint an a huge-ass gat, I said,"Yo man, thas phat!" He gave it ta me so I could look at it, and I said, " yo, ware dyou get dat *censored*?" He tol …

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…natures, and the unwillingness to change. This is a country, and as such, we follow what is best for ourselves as a whole. If this means changing our national language and ensure our children’s to success in the future, then so be it. Let us not forget that they are the future. As a wise man once said, “Congress shall make nahh law respectin' an establishment o' religion, or prohibiting da free exercise thereof.”