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Crucible Judging a person by their appearance could be devastatingly disappointing. In the Crucible we see girls that appear to be typical teenagers. These girls say they're good, dress like all the others, and even go to church; however, judging from their looks no one would ever know they're involved in witchcraft and one of them in adultery. In this story you can say that people who claim to be good may be hypocrites. In …

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…they're good doesn't mean they are. They could be hypocrites like in the story. In the story we see that Abigail is not the person she claims to be. The people later find out that she did practice witchcraft and committed adultery. The people also find out that Abigail tried to frame Mrs. Proctor. From this story you can learn to never judge a person by their looks or how good they say they are.