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"A Rose for Emily is a very popular short story because of its, style , climax, and plot. The author, William Faulkner, was a "Southern" writer from Oxford, Mississippi. FAulkner bases this story on the tale of Oxford's aristrocratic " Miss Mary " Neilson. She married Captain jack Hume, the charming yankee foreman of a street-paving crew, over her family's shocked protests. The style of this story is false romance. Miss Emily's father, before his death, would run …

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…until her death at the age of seventy-four. It describes a prominent lady of a town who led a private life. I learned, while reading this story that this woman is crazy and had the mind of a child. She seemed to lose everything she loved. Keeping the body of the individual she loved was her eay of not feeling so alone. Bibliography critique on using elements of literature English Comp II college grade A