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Crack in the Box Essay by Pete Hamill To summarize the essay, Crack in the Box, you have to understand the writer and what he is saying, or the point he is trying to make. In the article Crack in the Box The writer Pete Hammil compares the difference between Television and the common street drug known as Crack Cocaine. The essay starts with a story of a young lady hooked on drugs and living …

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…The end of the story has a sub claim of policy as stated earlier. Which is a stated claim when Hamill states “for years the defenders of television have argued that the networks are only giving people what they want. That might be true. But so is the Medellin Cartel. WORKS CITED Hamill, Pete “Crack in the Box” in Perspectives in Argument. Nancy. V .Wood. 2nd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall , 1998. pg. 599-603