copper triangle

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Instead of a bath tub or shower washbasin's or a cast iron pot were used. The water had to be pumped from the water pump in the front garden. Many of the Cornish houses were built without a plan for a bathroom. Water was drawn from an underground tank and heated on the kitchen fire. The toilet/lavatory used were earth closets consisting of a plain wooden toilet seat and a long drop. Ashes from …

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…Moonta heritage walk . The surrounding beaches are safe for water sports, boating and diving. (see appendix Seven) Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo promise the ultimate escape from the city stress, some of the most appealing features would be the relaxed, uncrowded tranquil atmosphere, gentle Mediterranean climate and the friendliness of the locals. But above all it is the past that makes these three towns unique and have earnt them the name of the famed "copper triangle".