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Brandi Petelle 339-70-2665 9/21/99 Our constitutional rights and civil liberties come into conflict with each other periodically because of certain disagreements and new issues that arise. This week a new conflict has come into play between the U.S. Constitution and “voluntary school prayer.” This week the House Speaker-elect, Newt Gingrich, announced his intention to immediately push for the adoption of his proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution “relating to voluntary school prayer.” His …

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…want to get the government off their backs, trying to interfere with something as personal and private as religious beliefs? The truly traditional American value is to pursue any religion, or no religion, without government interference or restraint. Bibliography Footnotes: 1. Democratic Alliance for Action “ Bible Believers Should Oppose School Prayer.” 2. Separation of Church and State Homepage “Will School Prayer Ammendment Work?”