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Many pieces of literature explore human nature and reactions to adversity. "The Guest", by Albert Camus depicts three individuals faced with adversity. They must decide between following what is expected of them by law, and following their own convictions. An individual's reactions to conflicting forces will help to develop character and personality traits. Adverse circumstances faced by the character Daru help to reveal his inner most qualities and features. Albert Camus displays Daru as not …

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…of a fresh start. The Arab is either a man of great moral conscience or inconceivable sorrow. Camus successfully develops a character who is emotionally shattered. The individual aspects of a character are developed by an authors use of conflict. Camus uses adverse situations to explore the inner most identities of Daru, Balducci, and the Arab in his short story, "The Guest". The thoughts, feelings and intentions of a person are exposed when conflict arises.