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Virginia Woolf creates interesting contrast within the character of Clarissa Dalloway using stream of consciousness narration in her novel Mrs. Dalloway. Clarissa’s inner thoughts reveal a contrast between her lack of attraction to her husband due to her lesbian feelings and her fear of loosing him as a social stepping stone. These contrasts and many others can be seen throughout the novel using the literary device of stream of consciousness narration. Clarissa’s character …

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…in society, so Clarissa is scared of loosing him even though she has no attraction towards him. A contrast in the “deeper” self of Clarissa Dalloway can be seen in the stream of consciousness narration in Mrs. Dalloway. She reveals her lack of attraction for her husband and her fear of loosing him through her inner thoughts. This provides for us the ability to see the weaknesses of Clarissa and many of the other characters.