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Compare and Contrast two paintings. (Somnambulist Mall Walking and Golconda) Somnambulist Mall Walking and Golconda are two paintings that caught my eyes because of the composition and contents in the paintings. Somnambulist Mall Walking was painted in 1995 by Lynn Randolf and Golconda was done in 1953 by Margaritte. Eventhough there is a great difference in the length of time when these two paintings were done, there are some similarities and certainly lots of visual differences in …

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…perspective meet at one point. Aerial perspective I used in Golconda. There is a disillusion of distance and space. Smaller images and mistier colors are used to introduce the sense of depth in space. To sum up, eventhough there are lots of differences in these two paintings by two different backgrounds of artists at two different periods, they both give a very conceptual drawing to the viewers to interpret what makes the drawings excellent pieces.