communicating Across boundaries

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Boundaries are everywhere. Boundaries surround careers, streets, property and especially people. They are social, political, cultural and professional. One of the first things we learn as children is to stay within the lines; never overstep our boundaries. Communicating within one's boundaries can be difficult. Even more complicated however, is attempting to communicate across those boundaries. Miscommunication and misunderstanding are common when members of different groups converse (Mulac, Erlandson, Farrer, & Hallettet, 1998). Uncertainty in communication occurs especially …

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…diminished. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Carey, C., Roloff, M., Wilson, L. (1998). Boundary rules: Factors that inhibit expressing concerns about another's romantic relationship. Communication Research, 25, pp 618-640. Ellemers, N., Gallois, C., Giles, H., Petronio, S. (1998). (Mis)communicating across boundaries: Interpersonal and intergroup considerations. Communication Research, 25, pp 571-595. Erlandson, K., Farrar, J., Hallettet, J., Mulac, A. (1998). "Uh-huh. What's that all about?": Differing interpretations of conversational backchannels and questions as sources of miscommunication across gender boundaries. Communication Research, 25, pp 641-668.