collapse of the Roman Empire

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The fall of the Roman Empire #4 “The Roman Empire collapsed of its own corruption and internal dissatisfaction- external enemies were a minimal factor.” Roman Empire stood in Great power for many decades, undefeated, strong and dominant. It was a common belief that the empire would last eternally. During the rule of Augustus, it was a time of the cultural development, piece and economic stability. It was the “Golden age” as historians call it. Yet nothing …

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…upper class, Honestiores, became more visible. Lower classes, like peasants were tied to their land, soldiers to the army, citizens of upper class to the collection and payment of the taxes. The upper class, however, had more privileges. They were given lighter penalties, had the right of appeal to the emperor, and could not be tortured. Although the empire did improve a little bit with time, it never got to flourish as it used to.