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Olive Ann Burns, who was born in Banks County, Georgia, in 1924, wrote Cold Sassy Tree. Burns collected all the stories of her father and his grandfather, a store owner in Commerce, which were a model for Cold Sassy. She wrote the sequel to this novel before dying in 1990. Characters Will Tweedy was the main character who retold the story eight years later. He was a young fourteen year-old boy at the beginning of the book. …

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…life. Setting The setting was in 1906-1907 in Cold Sassy, a small town in Georgia. Distinguishing Characteristics Burns told this novel in first person through the eyes of a young boy, Will Tweedy. Will told this story in a flashback and used a series of flashbacks during the novel. Burns used dialect that people in a small southern town would use in the early 1900ís. The author held the readerís attention with her style.