chung ju young and hyundai

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Most Americans know Hyundai as a brand of automobile. In reality, the Hyundai Business Group is one of the world's largest and the successful businesses with more than fifty subsidiaries that produce everything from cars to computer chips (Steers. 45). Who would have guessed that the founder of Hyundai started out growing rice? The founder of Hyundai, Chung Ju Young, is truly a global entrepreneur who is largely responsible for South Korea's meteoric rise to the …

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…grow up in bad conditions incur crime. Consequently, crime would decrease and economic conditions would improve. This is my current plan of success. In the future, it might change to a better or worse plan than the current one. It depends on how much hard I study and put effort right now. I really want to be a helpful person in my country and globally. Growing a healthy business means also keeping the economy healthy.