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Viola Viola is one of Shakespeare's most charming and admirable heroines, and certainly the most sympathetic of the major "serious" characters (Orsino, Olivia, and herself) in Twelfth Night. Though she's forced to disguise herself as a page, for safety's sake, she's apparently as well-born as Olivia is - the daughter of Sebastian of Messaline, a highly-placed nobleman in his own land. She's also very attractive physically - which can be inferred from the fact that …

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…rescued Viola is that he was kind and friendly, introducing the girl as a page to Orsino, and keeping both her secret and her clothes for the length of her stay at court as "Cesario." As for Orsino's gentlemen, Curio and Valentine, they are the usual courtly servants, elegant, polite and ever anxious for their ruler's best advantage in the world, as well as for the slightest marks of personal favor from him to themselves.