catcher in the rye

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This is for an assignment where we had to write a continuation estra scene type thing in the style of Holden. Prologue: Before my scene takes place, Holden has just shown the two young boys down to the long "tunnel" to the Mummy exhibits. In the book Holden didn't stay and look at the mummy exhibit, but in my scene he does… NEW SCENE So, after the little kids left I got to thinking about …

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…pals. Things were simpler back in those days. So then I realized it was time to meet Phoebe and I was all excited to go and meet her. You know I was really cheered up, all of a sudden. Phoebe is just that kind of person who just thinking about her can cheer you up. She really is You should meet her. You really should. Epilogue: This is where Holden rushes to meet his sister…