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Catch-22 Satire is often used by writers to express their discontent towards a subject in a humorous way. Joseph Heller's novel, Catch-22, satirizes war and its implications on society and man himself. Heller reveals the dehumanizing aspect of war, not the glory of it. He makes a social comment on the corruptive, self-fulfilling, irrational side of war that is often disregarded or dismissed. As he sheds light upon the darker part of war the universal …

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…in the novel Catch-22. Yossarian repeatedly fails at improving his pathetic existence and his future appears to be that of a downward spiral. Milo Minderbinder becomes brainwashed with the thought of profit, which resembles people own greed and selfishness. Moreover, Major, Major, Major's inability to relate to others therefore becoming a hermit like figure and General Peckem's obsession with tight bomb patterns serves as a window, allowing us to peer into our own irrational existence.