black like me farewell to manzanar

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Black Like Me & Farewell To Manzanar Through all the trials that people have been put through, throughout the years, somehow people seem to forgive and forget. How can anyone be so willing to let things go when they have done nothing wrong to deserve it. The lives of two people who so willingly forgave those who had done them wrong showed many virtues of perseverance, tolerance, and respect. Jeanne W. Houston in her book, Farewell …

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…Because the only way that they would come out being the winner is if you stooped to their level and stopped loving them. Look past the outer layer and look to the heart, that is where the true individual being lies. A kind loving person is still the same person no matter what he looks like on the outside, he is one who truly demonstrates all aspects of perseverance, tolerance, and respect in all circumstances.