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Personal Computers Introduction Traditional computer terminals are being replaced today with powerful, multifunction personal computers. PCs offer all the advantages of terminals, but add personal and organizational productivity applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, calendars, task lists, electronic mail, project management, legal research, presentation software, imaging, public access, etc. PCs replace proprietary systems with more effective tools at a lower cost and risk. The graphical user interface of the personal computer is easier to learn …

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…PC should cost about $4,000, including a network card and software. Additional funds will be needed to support servers and network functions, such as telecommunications, printing, backup, etc. Personal computers should not be purchased like mainframes: long-term contracts and expectations for a decade of use are not realistic. The best approach is to replace one quarter of the court's PCs each year, with older models trickling down from power users to those with less demanding needs.