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John Berger's writing "Ways of Seeing" is a look into the world of art. Throughout his composition, he gives his opinions on various topics about art. Jane Tompkins essay "Indians: Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" is a look into the world of history. Within her essay, Tompkins discusses her views on the quest of finding truth in history. She uses terms such as "relativism" ,the understanding that man or woman can never find …

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…understood better thus making the artist's message that he or she wanted to convey through their paintings more viable. Tompkins believes that history is always changed for the worse when reproduced. It is changed for the worse because the truth is often not properly written in historical text. Thus the truth is obscured and Tompkins believes that this is a negatives and because of that she doesn't think that historical reproduction is deserving of merit.