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Grendel a spawn on Cain living in the dark and suffering from pain. In disguise Grendel goes to Herot, which was the golden guest hall. While there he slaughters thirty men. After the loss of the thirty men everyone becomes frighten leaving Herot empty for twelve years. Hearing about the tragic Beowulf of the Geats and fourteen of his men goes to Hrothgar to explain how his cleverness has brought him to save the Danes. …

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…iron shield. Wiglaf, Beowulf’s warrior remembers the kindness and treasures his family has given him, comes to assist Beowulf. As Beowulf lies dying, Wiglaf brings the treasure for him to see. Beowulf then passes on the leadership of the Geats to Wiglaf and gives him the golden necklace, his helmet, his mail shirt, and his rings. Beowulf request that the Geats build a funeral pyre so that passing ships could see and remember Beowulf.