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Benito Mussolini By: Victoria Todd E-mail: Benito Musolini was born on July 29, 1883, in Predappio, Italy . He was the first child of the local blacksmith. While he was young, Musolini was said to be a poor, unruly, agressive, disobedient(at school he was said to be a bully), but while being all of that he was also smart. Then he went and became a schoolmaster. In 1909, Musolini fell in love with a 16 year …

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…more and more to reform Italy as a Fascist government. But as we all know as German defenses in Italy collapsed, Mussolini's army crumbled to little Italian pieces. He tried to avoid death by crossing the frontier as a German soldier, but they recognized him, he was shot and killed. His body was hung with his mistresses, head downward, in the Piazza Loreto in Mila Bibliography Bibliography