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Nick Hill Religion 4/7/00 A Sacred Bath, Baptism For hundreds of years baptism has been a large part of many different religions. Although throughout history, and throughout many religions, the practice might have differed, but the meaning and the symbolism has remained relatively the same. The word baptism came from the Greek noun baptiona, meaning, “the dipping or washing.” Less commonly used, baptiomo’s, stemmed from the verb baptw, meaning, “to dip or immerse.” This act …

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…longer imputed to him or her.” Zwingli saw baptism, “only as the admission into the Christian Community.” Calvin proclaimed, “only in effect for the elect, who have faith.” Anabaptists responded, “a response of faith on the part of the individual to the Gospel, rejecting infant baptism.” These different opinions differed from that of the Catholic Church, and baptism still remained interpreted in many different ways, just like the period before John the Baptist and Jesus.