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Arthur Miller Inspirational is only one word to describe the writer Arthur Miller. He was an inspiration to many through his play writing. Throughout his life he has had success that many dream of but can not achieve. One never expects success to happen so quickly like it happened to Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He was the middle child with a younger sister and an older brother. …

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…of naturalistic and expressionistic techniques, continue to be widely produced. Overall he was a wonderful and very successful man that is admired by many around the world. Bibliography Bibliography Centola, Steven; The Achievement of Arthur Miller. Contemporary Research Associates. New York NY, 1995 Bloom, Harold, Arthur Miller. Chelsea House Publishers. San Diego CA, 1992 Carson, Neil, Arthur Miller. St. Martins Press Inc. New York NY, 1988 Ram, Atma, Perspectives on Arthur Miller. South Asia Books. New York NY, 1998