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Categorizing Humanity People with different views of the way humanity and its laws function reach certain stages of moral development. Kohlberg presents us with these stages of moral development. The individual is categorized under his or her moral priority and the way he or she would handle unexpected situations. In Sophocles’ play, Antigone, characters illustrate Kohlberg’s moral development principles. Ismene embodies Kohlberg’s pre-conventional stage throughout Sophocles’s play Antigone. In Kohlberg’s first …

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…grow out of its immature self and enter the morally correct world. In Kohlberg’s three stages of moral reason, the levels of maturity and principles of growth are integral in the characterization of the individual. Society has yet to grow out of the pre-conventional stage and enter the conventional and post-conventional stages. As long as society accepts ad obeys authoritarian rule out of fear of punishment social order shall always remaine the pre-conventional stage.