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Antigone vs. Socrates In the plays Antigone and the Crito the two lead characters, Antigone and Socrates, showed completely different ideas regarding their responsibilities to the State. Antigone believes in divine law and does what she thinks that the Gods would want her to do. Socrates, on the other hand, believes that he owes it to the State to follow their laws whether he thinks they are right or not. In Antigone, her brother Polynices, …

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…your convictions until the law is changed or becomes acceptable. I think that if I were in either Antigone’s or Socrates’ position, I would probably have done the same thing that they did. Clearly, Antigone and Socrates have very different ideas regarding the type of law they follow. Whether it is a responsibility that each person has towards the State or to some other authority, they are both respectable ways to go through life.