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The story of “Angela’s Ashes” the memoir by Frank McCourt take place in the depression-era, possibly mid 1930’s. At a place called Fever Hospital. A decent hospital clean and well cared for by its staff. The people of the story seem to be of Irish decent, because of their many references to Ireland and its culture. As well as their disgust for the English and the English deeds toward the Irish. A very somber …

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…of Frankie. The most sensible person in fever hospital is Seamus. He is the janitor of the hospital, but he is also the most reasonable towards the children in the hospital. His morals and beliefs are right, just not as extreme as Sister Rita’s are. Frankie is Typhoid stricken in bed when Sister Rita approaches “Now what’s this? Says Sister Rita. Crying with all that soldier blood in you?” (McCourt 246). The ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**