analysis of ted hughes the minotaur and robbing myself

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When you read the writings of Hughes in Birthday Letters there is a sense of the depth of the immense grieving and pain underlying each word and meaning. Disguised in his poetry, these reminiscing situations bring the story behind them to light in a maze of metaphors exposing the years of thoughts held back by a inner dam of media martyrdom and regrets in Hughes. In The Minotaur and Robbing Myself the poet reveals times …

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…Hughes seals himself from the house. He looks upon this, as into a casket to see inside the life contained, but to no avail for he had "already lost the treasure". These poems reflect and relieve the live of Hughes and his relations to Plath, from their beginning to her end. The Minotaur and Robbing Myself expose the feelings held back for these long years, in intricate detail and meaning spelling out the lives between.