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The Ming Tombs The Ming Tombs are the mausoleums of 13 Ming Dynasty emperors after the Ming capital was reallocated to Beijing. Located at the southern foot of Tianshou Mountain in Changping County, Beijing, the Ming tombs cover an area of about 120 km^2. With a plain belt in the middle, the Tombs area is enclosed with mountains and right in front of the Tombs is a twisting river. Every tomb is shielded by a mountain and …

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…tomb of Ming Emperor Shengzong, Zhu Yijun, is the leading imperial tomb that was excavated in a planed way. Having five rooms altogether, the "Black Palace" of the Ding Ling Tomb covers a floor space of 1195 m^2. In 1957, about 3,000 precious cultural relics were discovered with the successful excavation of the Ding Ling Tomb. Most of them were rare national treasures, including phoenix coronet of the enpress, imperial robe, gold coronet, gold and silver utensils, etc.