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1- The position of Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force occupies the top enlisted grade, and has great responsibility and prestige in the Air Force. The objective of this background paper is to inform on the career progression, awards, and decorations of the former Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Thomas N. Barnes. In the first main point, I will trace the former CMSAF military career from Non-Commissioned Officer to Senior Non-Commissioned Officer …

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…integral part in Enlisted History and has made significant contributions to Air Force History. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1- Black Americans in defense of our nation / United States. Department of Defense. Wahsington, DC: U.S* Government Printing Office, 1985 [revised 1990] 2- A History of Black America / Howard O. Linsey. Secaucus, NJ: Chartwell Books, Inc., 1994 3- US Air Force Museum [Internet] 4- The United States Air Force Museum [Internet]