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"A Rose for Emily" came out in 1930. To some readers this horror story is the most "gothic" that Faulkner ever wrote as a writer. But if horror is all he/she gets from the story then that person is missing the meaning of the story. "A Rose for Emily" is told by a nameless narrator(first person) describing the life of a pathetic women, Emily representing a figure from the past. Her life is shaped …

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…Colonel Sartoris "gave" them tax free living in Jefferson for Emilys father borrowing money in the past. By this Emily never paid taxes and in essence lived in the past. Faulkner also used dramatic situation from the start, it unfolds with a clash of wills with Emily and her father. Faulkner ends it in a classic denoument or "untying of the knot" when they hold up the iron-gray hair giving you the feeling of…..ohhhh.