a piece about a murder, written for my advanced writing class

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<i>You could have been an angel, Tyler . . . an angel like the ones in heaven, shimmering and golden and perfect . . . just like you used to be . . . </i> "I know that." <i>You only put this upon yourself when you made that decision . . . it was nobody's choice but your very own . . . you choose your own fate . . . </i> "I know that." <i>Maybe someday you'll look back …

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…nothing sweeter. Not icecream, not chocolate, not Very Cherry Jelly Belly Beans, not sugar . . . And now you don't have to stand there and wait for him to steal the spotlight anymore . . . now it's all Tyler again . . . even if they do lock you up . . . give you happy drugs . . . "Right," he replied, placing the knife back on the table top and smiling at his reflection, at the slight tint of red flashing in his shiny blues. "Right."