a essay about a mother that get killed in the Omagh bombming; mixture of facts and my imagination P.S.: English as a foreign language

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The one cruel action that changed my life forever...... My mother is dead, my father is an alcoholic on anti-depressives, my brother is a terrorist and I'm a lonely, sorrowful pre school teacher who is trying to find my way back to life. The story I want to tell, started the night our mother went to the shop and never came back; ever. We were until that day an ordinary lower middle-class family. My parents …

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…over two mobiles, not knowing for what. What sentence are they going to give the real bombers? My father was after the trial quoted by the Guardian: "I'm delighted. I knew from the first he was guilty. May God forgive him because I never will." This story is dedicated to the ones who died in the Omagh blast, and survivors who still have to live with the remaining pain every single day of their lives.