the problem of absenteeism in early college classes

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Topic: the problem of absenteeism in early college classes. Have you ever been absent in your first college class? At colleges, absenteeism rates are sometimes as high as 40 percent for classes that start at 8 or 8:30am.This problem brings in many effects. For example, the student wouldn't be able to catch up the lesson. So, do you know why the absenteeism rates are high? Are there any solutions that might help improve the class's attending …

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…second reason above. On the whole, it is hard to ask the student to sleep early, because some of them have night job. The most important reason is that they are college students. That means they are adolescent. If an adolescent tries to control another adolescent, it sounds pretty strange. So I think the absentee must behave himself/ herself. If they want to get a good job in the future, they cannot be absent anymore.