Newfoundland's entry into Canada in 1949.

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Throughout Newfoundland's independent history, the former dominion has struggled for its existence. After World War Two, the people of Newfoundland had to decide how to govern themselves. This hesitant decision made by a slim victory concerned not only those living in Newfoundland, but also Canada and Britain. The purpose of this essay is to explain the nature of the debate that accompanied Newfoundland's entry into Canada in 1949. Newfoundlanders found themselves responsible for choosing the destiny …

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…which further magnified the importance of the decision that was made. Newfoundland's entrance into Canada was apposite and necessary, and it was a natural path for Newfoundland, then a slight, simple state that fought frequently in order to maintain its existence and remained, until confederation, on the brink of failure. Now a part of Canada, Newfoundland and her people will no longer suffer the consequences of being an independent dominion in an increasingly competitive world.