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Don Juan A Man For The Ages Although Moliere's Don Juan was written in 1665, its central themes can be carried over through the ages up to today. Moliere creates many fascinating characters limited not only to Don Juan, but his servant, wife, father, and others he encounters throughout the play. In Don Juan, Moliere creates a character who shapes the world to fit his own personal illusions by an egotistical abuse of power. Even greater, …

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…power is a human weakness. Don Juan's character can be used across time, as well as his encounters in the play. Representing characters of a modern life, Dona Elvire was the wronged lover, Sgnarelle, the caring friend, and Don Louis the disappointed, irate parent. Don Juan proves in each of us there is someone fighting the "rules" of a truly moral and decent life, and the consequences of deceiving others as well as deceiving oneself.