"A Stay at the Holiday Inn" An ananlysis of the 1942 film "Holiday Inn," written by Irving Berling. The film features Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.

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"Holiday Inn" was a very popular film when released in 1942. The musical was written by Irving Berlin who featured in his film many stars of the decade. Actor-singer Bing Crosby stars as Jim Hardy and features his hit song "White Christmas." Actor-dancer Fred Astaire stars as Ted Hanover who thrills the crowd with his astonishingly superior tap dancing. Jim is an easy-going man who wants to relax, away from the big-city life. Ted is all …

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…past. Men wore suits, ties, high pants, and loose-fitting shirts. Obviously, the film focuses on the rich, not the poor. Overall, I loved "Holiday Inn." Ted was selfish and was taught a lesson for using people, but still got Lila back. Jim learned that sometimes he had to fight for what he wanted and have a little ambition. I love how, in the end, everyone who has been taken advantage of has still remained advantageous.