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ZIMBABWE It was over twenty years ago when Zimbabwe received its independence, and the country had likelihood to become an African success story: “good soil, lots of mineral resources and a new government that spoke of modernization and reform.” Although today Zimbabwe looks to be caught in a downward fall in economics and politics (TIME). “In April 1980, the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia was internationally recognized as the independent state of Zimbabwe. The country's …

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…delivered neither the economic stability or the social unity he promised when he first took office. The country is still plagued by chronic shortages of food and fuel, and white farmers live in fear that their farms will be seized. Mugabe's promise of "a new spirit that must unite and not divide" seems as distant as ever” (TIME). Bibliography Work Cited Shields, Elinor. Mar 2000, TIME. http://www.time.com/time/europe/ timetraits/zmbabwe/index.html.